Through the construction of an interactive dreamscape, I intend to break the contemporary function of objects as a replacement for social interaction, using them instead to comment on a desire for contact and a lost playfulness. These familiar things, minimal and artificial, live as instruments of play as opposed to toys, more in communication with art-objects, electronics, or medical tools. Monochromatic metals, plastics, and rubbers displace the warmth of wood and flesh. By playing through materiality with the history of objects as symbols, they break from any original referents to perform an in-between, within reach of both the real and constructed reality. All at once, this space is playful, intimate, fluid, scientific and cold. There’s a rigidity to the Truth we’ve built with words, and a belief that children are somehow inferior for their lack of concrete categorization. This not only inhibits play, but a fluidity of the real. I want to implicate the body in order to access a more honest, unmediated, childlike awareness.